Chicken Creek

Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Barred Rock

Barred Plymouth Rocks are also known as Barred Rocks. Plymouth Rock is actually the breed and Barred is the color variety. There are other variety or colors of Plymouth Rocks, such as white or partridge. 


Here at Chicken Creek our lines of Barred Rocks are from Guy Roy's and Kraig Shaffer's show/exhibition breeding lines.

Barred Rocks are one of the most popular breeds of chicken on small farms today. They are a dual purpose chicken and great layers of large brown eggs all year round and are also a good meat bird as well. They lay around 280 eggs each year. Hens weigh around 7lbs and roosters weigh around 8lbs when fully mature.

Both roosters and hens have an upright carriage and are graceful, stylish birds.  I just love their strikingly beautiful barred pattern. The hens can be broody and good mothers.

They are friendly chickens who have a calm, tame, and active personality.  They are very kid friendly with their docile in temperament. They make great 4-H chickens for kids. They are a super easy chicken to keep for anyone of any chicken experience level or age. 

Barred Rocks are hearty birds and are a good starter chicken for beginners. They are not a fragile or hard to keep bird. They do well both in confinement or as a free range bird. Able to adapt well in different situations and conditions. They lay all year and do well in the cold. They are a hardy great all around chicken.

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