Chicken Creek

Hopkinsville, Kentucky


We try to keep this page as updated as possible, but with a farm and kids that is not always possible. If there is something that you are interested in that you do not see here please feel free to ask us about it. It never hurts to ask

 Chicks & Ducklings & Turkeys For Sale:

Spring is here and so are the chicks! Chicken Creek is taking orders now for the following varieties of chickens turkeys, and ducklings that we will have now through Summer 2017. We are a family run farm, and are NPIP certified. Our birds are from top quality lines that have been carefully selected over the years. We used to show in poultry shows all across the country, but these days we stay pretty close to home. Wether you are looking for a show bird or just a beautiful yard ornament we have something for everyone. 

All chicks, ducks, and turkey poults are sold as straight run, unless otherwise noted.


Cream Legbars (both crested and not crested) - lay beautiful light blue eggs. Rare auto-sexing breed, can be sexed at the time of hatching.- Greenfire Farms Imported Lines ~ $20 for pullets & $12 for cockerels

Speckled Sussex - lay large light brown eggs ~ $10

French Blue Copper Marans - lay dark chocolate eggs - Greenfire Farm Imported Lines~ $20

Buff Laced Polish (standard size) - lay lovely white eggs ~ $15

Gold Laced Polish (standard size) - lay lovely white eggs ~ $15

Silver Laced Polish (standard size) - lay lovely white eggs ~ $15

Blue Laced Red Wyandottes - All Blue Guaranteed - Jerry Foley Lines ~ $20

Gold Laced Wyandottes - Duane Urch Lines ~ $8

Silver Laced Wyandottes - Jerry Foley Lines ~ $8

Columbian Wyandottes  ~ $15

100% English Orpingtons - Marc Sacre & Greenfire Farm Imported Lines

Blue English Orpington ~ $25

Chocolate English Orpington ~ $30

Lavender English Orpington ~ $30

Chocolate Cuckoo English Orpingtons ~ $50

Mottled English Orpingtons ~ $40

Red Cuckoo & Red English Orpingtons ~ $40

Partridge English Orpingtons ~ $40

Rare Swedish Flower Hens - Greenfire Farm Imported Lines ~ $30

Barred Rocks -Guy Roy & Kraig Shaffer Lines  ~ $5

Silkies - Super for Kids & 4-H - From Bobbi Porto Lines

Blue Silkies ~ $15

Buff Silkies ~ $15

Black Silkies ~ $15

Splash Silkies ~ $15

Buff Brahma - Bantam ~ $10

Bantam Partridge Cochin - Great for Kids & 4-H ~ $8

Bantam Birchen Cochin - Great for Kids & 4-H ~ $8


Bourbon Reds ~ $20


Silver Appleyard ducklings ~ $20

Ancona ducklings - black and white spotted ducks ~ $20

Crested Ducklings

Black ~ $15

White ~ $15

Juvenile & Adult Chickens For Sale:

None available right now.

We may have some available in the fall.

Hatching Eggs For Sale

None available at this time.