Chicken Creek

Clarkrange, Tennessee

Jersey Giants

The Jersey Giant is a wonderful American made chicken. They are so impressive with their size and beauty. They are the largest pure bred chicken breed in the world. I like to think of them as the draft horse of the chicken world. Here at Chicken Creek our Giants come from Richard Schock’s line. We have 3 different color varieties here, black, blue, and splash. Remember that when you breed a blue chicken to a blue chicken you get only 50% blue chicks and the rest are 25% black, and 25% splash. 

Jersey Giants are valued as a dual purpose chicken. Their eggs are light brown and just as large as you would expect them to be. Giants are good layers of about 220 extra large eggs each year, and lay well in the winter. As far as being a meat bird, well just look at how big they are. Roosters weigh 13lbs & hens 10lbs on average. That’s a lot meat for the table. The breed was originally developed to possibly replace the turkey. Their downfall in the meat world is that they take about 6 months to reach a mature weight, and require a lot of food to do so. We are talking about a big chicken here folks and boy can they eat.

Don’t fret about all that size though. These Giants are gentle as they can be. They are calm and docile in temperament. Jersey Giants are actually good with kids, if the kids are not to intimidated by their size. That size also makes them deter predators and roosters are great protectors of their flock. All that size makes them a hardy bird who also tolerates the cold fairly well. All around just a great chicken to have for anyone.

Black Giants

Blue & Splash Giants

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