Chicken Creek

Hopkinsville, Kentucky


Varieties at Chicken Creek ~ Black Copper & Blue Copper

Poultry Show Class ~ Continental Class

Size ~ Standard Size

Weights ~ Hen - 6 1/2lbs & Rooster - 8 lbs

Purpose ~ Egg Laying

Comb ~ Rose Comb

Egg Color ~ Dark Chocolate Brown

Egg Size ~ Large

Egg Production ~ Good -  About 150 Eggs a Year on Average

Country of Origin ~ France

Mating Ratio ~ 8 Females to 1 Male

Chicken Creek's Breeding Lines ~  Bev Davis, Greenfire Farms, and Wade Jeane  import bloodlines

Our Marans are the French exhibition line, (with feathered legs), and not the English production line, (with clean legs).  They are most famous for their dark brown eggs. For more info on their infamous eggs see the section below. The Black Copper variety is the most common variety in France and is generally believed to have the darkest egg color of all the varieties. The Blue Copper Marans share the same great qualities as their Black Copper cousins. Because of the genetics of Blue chicken breeding, we occasionally have a Splash Maran. Marans are a great all around chicken. They are hardy, calm, quiet, and take to confinement well. They are beautiful to look at and would be a good choice for the first time chicken owner.  With their gorgeous good looks, beautiful and delicious eggs, and great temperament the Maran is just a great chicken to have in the flock.

Maran Eggs

Marans are famous for their dark chocolate eggs. Some say they are the best tasting eggs in the world. Maran eggs are prized by many chefs for their rich taste and velvety texture. Their stunning color makes them a beautiful addition to any egg basket. The color is so important to the breed that their are actual competitions that are held just for the eggs to be judged on their appearance.

French Black Copper Marans

Blue Copper Marans

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