Chicken Creek

Hopkinsville, Kentucky


Varieties at Chicken Creek ~ Buff Laced, Gold Laced, Silver Laced, & Tolbunt

Poultry Show Class ~ Continental Class

Size ~ Standard Size

Weights ~ Hen - 4 1/2lbs & Rooster - 6lbs

Purpose ~ Ornamental & Exhibition

Comb ~ Small V Shaped

Egg Color ~ White

Egg Size ~ Small

Egg Production ~ Good -  About 150 Eggs a Year on Average

Country of Origin ~ Netherlands

Mating Ratio ~ 7 Females to 1 Male

Chicken Creek's Breeding Lines ~ Variety

The Polish are such a unique looking breed. With their topknot hair-dos and great personalities, they always make me smile. The hens have a very well defined pom-pom topknot, while the roosters look more like Mozart on a hard rock day. Polish are docile in temperament, and their large crests on their heads can sometimes make it hard for them to see. Our Polish are bearded, and are all standard size, not bantams. These guys lay fairly well and do not go broody. Treasured by both show exhibitors and backyard flock owners alike, the Polish is a rare breed that shines in the show ring and as a backyard pet. 

Buff Laced

Silver Laced

Gold Laced

Tolbunt... coming soon