Chicken Creek

Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Silver Appleyard

Varieties at Chicken Creek ~ Silver Appleyard

Poultry Show Class ~ Heavy Duck Class

Size ~ Standard Size

Weights ~ Hen - 7lbs & Drake - 9lbs

Purpose ~ Dual Purpose - Egg Laying & Meat Production

Egg Color ~ White

Egg Size ~ Large

Egg Production ~ Excellent -  About 200 - 270 Eggs a Year on Average

Country of Origin ~ England

Mating Ratio ~ 6 Females to 1 Male

Chicken Creek's Breeding Lines ~ Holderread lines

Silver Appleyards are a docile and calm duck breed that lays really well. They stay close to home when free ranging, and also do well in confinement. Silver Appleyards are a large, dual-purpose heritage breed that is currently listed as threatened by the Livestock Conservancy. Drakes tend to get lighter in color as they age, while hens tend to get darker. They are a heavy duck and do not fly. Silver Appleyards make good yard ducks and have always been great with our children. With their beautiful colored feathers, great egg laying ability, and wonderful personalities, the Silver Appleyards are just a great all around duck to have in a flock or as a backyard pet.