Chicken Creek

Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Speckled Sussex

Varieties at Chicken Creek ~Speckled

Poultry Show Class ~ English Class

Size ~ Standard Size

Weights ~ Hen - 7lbs & Rooster - 9lbs

Purpose ~ Dual Purpose - Egg Laying & Meat Production

Comb ~ Straight Comb

Egg Color ~ Light Brown

Egg Size ~ Large

Egg Production ~ Excellent -  About 180-240 Eggs a Year on Average

Country of Origin ~ England

Mating Ratio ~ 10 Females to 1 Male

Chicken Creek's Breeding Lines ~ Variety

With striking color and very gentle temperament, the Speckled Sussex is a great chicken for both egg and meat production. They handle confinement well, but can also free range well because of their camouflage coloring. As they moult each year the more speckling will appear. So, the older they get the more colorful they become. The Speckled Sussex is a hardy bird that is a good choice for kids or the novice chicken owners. They are docile and sweet in temperament. Not to mention they will add gorgeous color to any flock year after year.